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Delivered exclusively through Ohio’s Information Technology Centers, together we provide solutions that lighten the technology burden on school districts. With INFOhio’s quality digital resources, GenYES’s development of Student Technology Leaders, ParentSquare’s capability to collapse many communication platforms into one, and Zoom’s potential to open classroom doors to students across the state, every school district in Ohio is empowered to remain focused on successful student learning.


Creating student technology leaders and innovators for the future


Transforming Instruction. Impacting Learning.

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Zoom Video Communications

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GenYES Ohio

Creating Technology Leaders and Innovators for the Future

The proliferation of one to one and other technology initiatives in schools across Ohio has generated a significant need for ways to support teachers developing content as well as break-fix, tier one, tech troubleshooting for devices. With support from the Management Council, Ohio’s Information Technology Centers (ITCs) have partnered with the nonprofit organization Generation Yes since 2018. Together, we organize the statewide implementation of the GenYES program in school districts across Ohio.

The GenYES program prepares powerful teams of Student Technology Leaders (STLs) in grades 3-12 to work with educators, peers, and IT staff to integrate technology in ways that improve student learning. Students in the program participate in real-world experiences that develop the technology and people skills necessary to assist with educational technology challenges in the classroom. The program helps students develop critical skills such as project management, collaboration, and leadership, preparing students for college and careers in IT and Computer Science.

Looking for more information? Reach out to your local Information Technology Center or email us.


Ohio's PreK-12 Digital Library

As the library and curricular program within the Management Council, INFOhio provides solution-based services to all Ohio schools, traditional and online. Working closely with other state agency partners, INFOhio transforms instruction and impacts student learning by providing equitable access to quality digital resources and cost-effective instructional and technical support for each student, educator, and parent in Ohio.

INFOhio, the largest school library network in the country, works closely with Ohio’s ITCs to deliver library services to 80% of Ohio’s schools. INFOhio’s strong community of users encourages the free exchange of ideas and best practices to help each library leverage INFOhio’s library automation services platform and its many research and information resources.


Zoom Video Communications

We imagine classrooms comprised of local students and students attending remotely from hundreds of miles away, empowering even the most rural students to learn subjects that are otherwise unavailable to them. We envision school districts that have access to video communications, enabling the student with an extended illness to attend class from anywhere. Now, with our exclusive Ohio licensing of Zoom, that vision can become every school district’s reality.

Zoom is a leading provider in the video collaboration platform space and provides an entire suite of collaboration tools including conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. Harnessing the power of this technology, Zoom has the ability to open seats in every PreK-12 and college classroom in every district in Ohio to every student.

Zoom is available to the Ohio PreK-12 education community at an exclusive licensing rate of $10 per educator per school year! Ready to get started? Contact your local Information Technology Center for more information.

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