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We understand the importance of connecting schools to solutions that solve their technology challenges, enabling them to keep focused on successful student learning. That’s why we provide numerous opportunities to keep the education community connected to answers – to their Information Technology Center, various statewide committees, an online community, a one-stop shop for education career searches, and a help desk.

Information Technology Centers

Serving Ohio's schools, agencies and communities

Management Council Community

Enabling statewide peer-to-peer sharing

Ohio Education Job Board

Connecting applicants to K-12 education job across Ohio

Ohio K12 Help

Delivering excellent service and support to Ohio’s K-12 teachers and leaders

Ohio K12 Network

Connecting Ohio's school districts to secure Internet

Statewide Committees

Making statewide programs stronger

Information Technology Centers

As non-profit public agencies created by Ohio legislature, Ohio’s 17 Information Technology Centers (ITCs) work collaboratively as the Ohio Education Computer Network to serve over 1.4 million students in 980 public school districts, career centers, and community schools. As Internet Service Providers for Ohio PreK-12 schools, they meet and exceed the national standard of providing every student with 100 kilobits per second of Internet bandwidth.

ITCs offer a wide range of programs and services that meet the technology needs of Ohio’s school districts. Among an ITCs core services are Internet connectivity, fiscal systems, INFOhio resources (digital learning content and library services), student information, and EMIS services.

In addition to Ohio’s PreK-12 education community, ITCs continue to serve Ohio government agencies, non-profit organizations and communities with efficient and reliable services for over four decades.

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Management Council Community

The Management Council Community is a software-based virtualized environment for peer-to-peer interaction. The Community site enables Management Council and ITC staff to create, share, communicate, and problem solve together for an enhanced statewide impact.

Members of the Management Council Community benefit from this environment in many ways:

  • Publishing online documentation, calendars, forms, requirements, and other resources
  • Enabling online discussion forums
  • Asking questions and seek assistance to common problems
  • Facilitating group planning and document planning activity
  • Collecting and disseminate program information
  • Sharing best practices
  • Publishing meeting summaries

These and many other features and functions help ITCs to provide efficient and effective services to Ohio K12 learners, teachers and leaders.

Your education career takes off when you land in Ohio

Ohio Education Job Board

The Ohio Education Job Board is built specifically for the education community. From teachers to bus drivers to support personnel, applicants looking for a position in an Ohio school district can search by zip code, job category, grade level, and job type.

This central job-listing page includes a robust search function that includes multiple filters and an interactive map. These features streamline the job search process for prospective candidates making it easy to apply.

Visit to start applying for jobs today. Looking to post a job to the Ohio Education Job Board? Contact you Information Technology Center to get started.

Want to help spread the word? Check out the collegiate media kit created for colleges and universities to share with their students to help connect them to their future careers.

Ohio K-12 Help

Ohio K12 Help is the Management Council’s strategy to deliver on the promise of timely and excellent service and support to Ohio’s K-12 teachers and leaders. Capabilities of Ohio K12 Help include:

  • State Support Teams and Help Desks
  • Knowledge-Centered Web Site with Live-Chat (
  • YouTube Channels with Self-Directed Learning
  • Statewide Contact Center (844-K12-OHIO)

Ohio K12 Network

The Ohio K12 Network is an advanced, state-of-the-art, private, fiber network linking Ohio’s 17 Information Technology Centers (ITCs) to each other and to the Internet. As a collaboration, they create the Ohio Educational Computer Network (OECN) and provide Internet connectivity to Ohio’s PreK-12 education community.

Through the OECN, the Ohio K12 Network is provided to approximately 1.4M students, 100K educators, and more than 1,000 Local Education Agencies (LEAs) including public and private school districts, ITCs, Education Service Centers (ESCs), and Ed Techs.

The Ohio K12 Network infrastructure was developed in 2004 as part of a partnership with OARnet, Ohio’s statewide telecommunications network. OARnet’s network backbone consists of more than 5,500 miles of highly scalable fiber-optic cable which serves Ohio’s colleges and universities, K-12 schools, medical centers, public broadcasting stations, and state and local government.

Looking for more information on OARnet? Visit

Statewide Committees

As part of our commitment to incorporating input from experts around the state, we developed statewide advisory committees. Although the methods used to seat committees will vary by program, they generally consist of Management Council and ITC staff. For some advisory groups this invitation extends further to include district personnel who consume the services provided by the program.

Advisory groups fulfill a valuable purpose. In addition to feedback on the overall health and well-being of the program, these groups are excellent vehicles for sharing solutions, ideas, and best practices. Having input from constituent groups makes each program stronger.

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