We understand district technology.

From student information to fiscal solutions to library automation, we understand the software districts require to operate optimally. Together with Ohio’s Information Technology Centers, we offer districts a unified support system for ProgressBook student information software, a holistic view of district operations with Enterprise Resource Planning, ease of data transfers through the Data Interchange Program, high quality roster verification for Value Added, and state fiscal software success through user-driven development. Optimizing district technology is at the forefront of our minds.

Data Interchange

Transforming the way districts transfer data


Equipping school districts with an affordable, full-featured, fiscal management solution
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Roster Verification

Validating teacher-subject-student roster information

State Software Solutions

Providing user focused, dynamic, and affordable applications

Student Information Systems

Collaborating for education advancement

Data Interchange

Transforming the Possibilities of Integrating Data

Any time data needs to be shared or transferred, whether that is between district software applications or between school districts, it is imperative that the transfer is secure, accurate, and timely. Particularly in the case of school district transfers, the exporting district and the importing district are often using different applications. In such situations, the data transfer can turn into a manual entry nightmare. In an effort to improve data transfer efficiencies within districts and across the state, we implemented the Data Interchange program.

For more information on the Data Interchange program, contact your Information Technology Center or email us.


The ERP Project

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Project) provides Information Technology Centers (ITCs) the opportunity to equip school districts with an affordable, full-featured, fiscal management solution that drives organizational efficiency. Business processes are optimized using an integrated accounting, payroll, and human resources system that incorporates license/certification tracking, inventory, purchasing, printing, workflows and approvals, digital record storage, and a robust reporting tool. This unified “single source of truth” solution provides leaders an accurate and holistic view of their entire district, eliminating challenges associated with fragmented or disparate systems that may contain inconsistent core data.

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Roster Verification

When it comes to Value Added, it is critical to Ohio’s teachers and leaders that teacher rosters are accurate, including teacher name, subject taught, and student list. Value Added is a calculation that provides teachers and leaders a view into the efficacy of their teaching and curriculum in maximizing student outcomes. If any one piece of that data is inaccurate, the teacher’s Value Added calculation is incorrect. That’s where we come in.

The Roster Verification process ensures the teacher-subject-student data is in alignment so that Value Added calculations are accurate and useful for teachers and administrators. The authentication of this data enables teacher value-added student growth measures. We provide the program management and applications necessary to ensure high quality data that supports this Ohio Department of Education initiative.

SSDT Educational Software Solutions

The State Software Development Team is a dedicated group of developers, trainers, technologists, and customer service staff that optimize Ohio schools through fiscal technology. We provide Ohio’s K-12 Community with user focused, dynamic, and affordable applications that help realize the goal of successfully educating Ohio’s children.

We develop and support various software products:

  • USAS – Accounting
  • USPS – Payroll
  • EIS – Inventory Management
  • ODDEX – Ohio District Data Exchange
  • CNDC – Children’s Nutrition Direct Certification
  • WebGAAP – GAAP Reporting System

We focus on developing software solutions in a user driven manner and collaborate directly with those that rely on our products across the state. We partner with ODE, Ohio’s Information Technology Centers, and other stakeholders to deliver software that is targeted towards the needs of Ohio’s educational community.


Student Information System

While there are multiple student information systems across the state, the Management Council hosts the ProgressBook application for Ohio’s Information Technology Centers. The Management Council and ProgressBook partnership is dedicated to the improvement of student success in Ohio. Along with this collaboration comes a unified support team that is ready and eager to assist districts with training, day-to-day support, database support,  and communication. 

Along with ProgressBook, the Management Council provides an economical solution for professional development needs. Additionally, with Jitterbit, student information data is seamlessly and securely transferred from one system to another. 

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