RemotEDx Support Squad Ticketing System Connects Educators to Remote Learning Resources and Technical Assistance

Ohio’s Educational Service Centers and Districts Leaders Launch New RemotEDx Help Desk

[Columbus, OH, January 2021—] On January 4, 2021, a new help desk ticketing system was launched to connect Ohio Educational Service Centers and District leaders with the resources and support necessary to successfully implement and evolve personalized remote, blended, and hybrid learning.

As part of the state of Ohio’s recently launched RemotEDx initiative, the ticketing system will connect educational leaders to one of five statewide representatives tasked with serving as regional liaisons, or “Concierge Team” members.

In turn, the Concierge Team will connect educators to resources and local “Support Squad” members through the state’s 51 Educational Service Centers or ESCs to provide direct technical assistance and support in addressing implementation challenges.

The Support Squad will serve in a “just-in-time” fashion to assist educational leaders with finding solutions to complex challenges associated with personalized and remote learning.

The ESCs and Concierge Team will also play a critical role in supporting two-way communication that can enhance statewide support under the RemotEDx initiative through the identification of high-priority regional needs from help desk ticket information, survey data, regional listening sessions, OESCA program cabinet, and Ohio Department of Education.

This will fuel data driven decision making related to asset and resource identification, procurement of professional development, student supports, instructional content and quality assurance.

The grant funded RemotEDx initiative is meant to leverage the efficiency and effectiveness of existing statewide and regional educational service providers like Information Technology Centers (ITCs), INFOhio and ESCs, while enhancing statewide expertise, resources, and delivery of personalized, remote, hybrid, and blended learning.

The RemotEDx initiative consists of The Connectivity Champions fueled by the Management Council, The Exchange fueled by INFOhio, and The Support Squad fueled by ESCs.  The RemotEDx funds are to be obligated by June 30, 2021 with funds being expended by September 30, 2022.

To learn more about the Support Squad, meet the Concierge members, access the help ticketing system, and explore the other RemotEDx initiatives, please visit:

Contacts: Sandi Preiss, Project Manager, Montgomery County ESC & RemotEDx Support Squad,

Craig Burford, Executive Director, Ohio Educational Service Center Association,

This press release originally published by the Ohio Educational Service Center Association.

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