Congratulations to Our Award Recipients: Ed Weisenbach and Lynda Sidell!

The Management Council and INFOhio proudly presented two annual awards at this year’s Membership meeting today: the Management Council Difference Maker Award and the INFOhio Spence White Service Award.

The Management Council Difference Maker Award recognizes a public official who has demonstrated foresight and tenacity in advancing education in Ohio, with emphasis on recognizing the opportunities, and importance, afforded by the implementation of information technology for academic, career, and administrative pursuits.

The Management Council is pleased to announce Ed Weisenbach, Statewide Technology Coordinator with the Ohio Department of Education, as the 2020-2021 Management Council Difference Maker Award recipient. Ed joined the Ohio Department of Education in 2013, following a 35-year career with Springfield City Schools as a classroom teacher, building principal, EMIS coordinator, and director of technology. As the Department’s current Statewide Technology Coordinator, Ed administers a variety of programs and initiatives that support the implementation and advancement of technology solutions that benefit districts and schools on behalf of Ohio’s students. Ed and his wife, Katherine, reside in Springfield, Ohio with their canine critters Buck and Misty.

“For his lifelong career as an innovative educator, principal, and director of technology, supporting the learners, teachers, and leaders in Ohio, as well as his unwavering advocacy for the Ohio Education Computer Network and the mission of the Management Council, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the 2021 Difference Maker award goes to Ed Weisenbach,” said Geoff Andrews, Chief Executive Officer of the Management Council.

The Spence White Service Award recognizes exemplary service provided to the INFOhio community by ITC personnel. The recipient demonstrates a dedication to the vision of INFOhio and outstanding support for the delivery of INFOhio services. We are happy to share that this year’s Spence White Service Award recipient is Lynda Sidell, MVECA Software Support Specialist.

In her role at MVECA, Lynda provides technical support assistance and training for WorkFlows library software, BLUEcloud library software, and ProgressBook Student Information. Lynda has been an ITC Software Support provider since 1997. She is being recognized for her many years of exemplary service to the INFOhio users of MVECA. The dedication she has shown in support of her library media staff demonstrates a true understanding of the critical role she plays ensuring that they are able to successfully complete the important jobs in their schools—helping all educators teach and all students learn.

“Whether she’s providing training on critical library administrative tasks or helping library staff meet extraordinary challenges associated with operating safely and efficiently during a pandemic, Lynda maintains a positive attitude that is endearing to the library staff she serves,” said Erica Clay, Director of INFOhio. “Lynda’s librarians consider her a partner in their work to operate innovatively and grow school library programs that support student learning.”

Thank you, Ed and Lynda, for the great contributions you have made to powerfully impact the lives of Ohio’s learners, teachers, and leaders.

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